Artistic Rollerskating aka Figure Skating

Skateaway is home to the largest Artistic Skating Club in Australia, Pine Rivers Rollercade. There are 10 coaches that are based at Skateaway who teach skaters during our Artistic training times and classes from Tuesday-Saturday.

The Artistic club skaters have been very successful and we have skaters who have not only represented their club at a local level but have skaters who have represented their state and country at national and international competitions.

All new skaters start at the Learn to Skate class on Saturday mornings and then progress through to our Artistic Development Class (12 noon Saturdays). From there skaters can commence private tuition.

Please refer to our Learn to Skate page for further information. If you would like further details in relation to the Artistic Skating at Skateaway, please email or drop down during one of our Saturday classes and ask to speak to the Head Coach, Jodie Johnson-Garufo.

There are four main disciplines of Artistic RollerSkating

  • Dance – Dance Skating is to perform a rhythmic and patterned succession of steps to music. One of the prime objectives is to interpret the rhythm of the music eg. Waltz, Tango etc.
  • Freeskating – Freeskating consists of jumps, spins and footwork blended in harmony with the skater’s choice of music.
  • Freedance – The combination of dance and freeskating with combined technical elements and choreography.
  • Figures – The individual follows the figure circle line on a specific edge. Figures become progressively more complex with the addition of turns and the use of the third circle.

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